Kenya Safari Preparation

Creating the fantastic Kenya safari holiday can take a while to find everything how you'd like it, however, when all of this is done and it comes to the time of actually taking your holiday, it all becomes worthwhile!

There are some factors that can help you to organise your vacation the very best that you can, these include:

What do you like to watch in your Kenya safari?

Various people want to see different things whilst on safari, some folks may favour the rich scenery and natural monuments such as Lakes and Mountains, whilst others will go in favour of bird spotting, however, most people go to observe the wildlife that can be found in the reservations across the nation, especially the big cats - cheetah, leopard and of course lion.

Just how long do Kenya Safari want to go on your Kenya safari for?

Choosing how long you would like to go on safari for usually depends on how many National Parks you'd be interested in seeing. Smaller parks can be done in a day, but many parks take 2-3 days to finish properly. You also have to remember that travelling between parks can take easily half a day at a time depending on how close the parks are together.

What if you pack for a Kenya safari?

You should also bring sun cream and mosquito repellent. A camera, binoculars and wildlife/country guide books will also enhance your safari encounter.

Which type of Kenya safaris can I choose from?

There are many types of different safaris to choose from, firstly the most frequent is a vehicle safari.

If you are seeking to observe the flora and fauna from great heights, then a hot air balloon safari may be exactly what you are searching for. Imagine elevating above the clouds slowly and steadily to receive a breath taking view of the planet below.